We are Kim and Victoria, the two photographers you will have photograph your wedding if you book Kim Gregory Images. (The photo of us at the bottom is actually Victoria then Kim. We accidentally did a Dec and Ant) We are brilliant friends and we LOVE shooting weddings together.

Having such a rich combination of things in front of us for a day is incredible. All the details that are so carefully designed by you to help create the best day of your lives, all your favourite people  wearing their best outfits and everyone having fun. These days to us are many things, challenging, exhausting, exhilarating, fantastic and extremely rewarding. We get such a kick out of it that being able to make a living from this truly is amazing.

We love to watch and capture life and people, waiting for the definitive moment then, click, capturing something of a person or time. Our favourite photographs are ones that transcend time and just capture humanity. A forever record of precious people and things.

We could say so much more but we really want the photographs to do most of the talking so have a look through our shots and if you feel like we’d ‘get’ each other then get in touch. We like that.

This depends on how long you book me for and which parts of the day are covered but to give a rough idea… if I’m there for 4 hours including the ceremony you should expect to receive 150-200 images. For a full day (8 hours) you’ll likely get around 350 photos.

Yep – just let me know in advance if you want this and I’ll get a few images processed in the first few days after the wedding.

After the wedding day, I’ll get working on processing your photos straightaway and aim to get the full set of completed images to you within 4 weeks of the wedding.

Yes! I really recommend booking in a time for us to get together before the  big day to discuss your plans, go over timings etc. If it’s more convenient (or if you’re further afield) we can also do this over the phone/Skype.

I am based on the south coast in Portsmouth. The prices quoted on this website are for weddings within 30 miles of my PO6 postcode. If your wedding is outside of this area, I may charge an extra fee for travel and, if necessary, accommodation – please get in touch with details of your location and I’ll provide a more accurate quote.

I don’t offer an album option but once you receive your digital images, you’re free to get them printed or create an album yourself.

It depends on your plans for your wedding day but my most popular option is 4 hours of photography which costs £600. Click on ‘Prices’ in the menu bar to see the other available options.

You get the fully processed digital photos in high resolution on a USB memory stick.

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